Corporate Transactions And Companies

Corporate Transactions And Companies

Al-Ghanim law firm has vast experience in dealing with following aspects:-

  • Agreements (internal & external),
  • Memorandum of Understand(s) (MOU),
  • Letter of Intents (LOI),
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA),
  • Joint Venture Agreements (JV),
  • Shareholders Agreements,
  • Distribution Agreements,
  • Revising Memorandums and Articles of Assciation,
  • Other commercial contracts as per clients’ needs and requirements.

It also includes litigation, debt settlement cases, and enforcement matters under the legal ramifications. Our advisors have the understanding of the key elements in commercial agreements. Our advice covers the basic requirements as well as standard terms and conditions with regards to all kinds of agreements. Preparing and drafting all contracts, agreements, and memorandums of understanding, review and proofreading to the best of client’s satisfaction including contracts of sale and purchase, construction, contracting, supply, IT, and communication. Apropos, we strive to our best of abilities by adding value to our clients’s accomplishments.

Al-Ghanim law firm is focused to help clients achieve their goals and reach the objectives in a very efficient way.

  • Establishing ,registering ,amending companies with all its kinds (commercial, civil, professional).
  • Dealing with internal and external companies’ issues,
  • Legal advisory on documentation(s),
  • Legal counseling on partnership(s),
  • Contract development,
  • Conflict(s) related and adhering to company law regulations of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
  • Helping multinational companies in legal advisory for new business development,
  • Expansion of business in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
  • Advise our clients on commodities,
  • Energy including district cooling agreements,
  • Land lease agreements,
  • Direct agreements,
  • Operations and Maintenance Agreements,
  • Concession Agreement,
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts,
  • Legal preperations for bidding energy and district cooling related projects,
  • Real Estate disputes,
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A),
  • Disposal,
  • Joint Venture,
  • Strategic Alliance Agreements within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Sailents of New Company Regulations – After Novemer 2015 the council of Minister of Saudi Arabia approved the long awaited new regulations of companies (the new Company Regulations), which significantly updated the law applicable to corporations in the Kingdom. The New company regulations replace the previous regulations for companies (old Company Regulations) and were published in the official gazette (Umm Al Qurra) on 22/1437H (4 December, 2015). All companies are now required to comply with New Company Regulations. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry published the templates of the constitutional documents of each company type and together with (CMA) the rules for implementing the new Company Regulations.

The most salient feature of the new regulation include piercing corporate veil from LLC’s, Transfer of LLC Interest, Single Holder LLC & JSC, Additional minority protection rights in JSCs, buy back of shares, Sharia compliance for debt securities issuance, issuance of convertable debt, or sukuk investment, override of preemption right in capital increase, removal of qualification shares requirements in JSc board members, holding companies, decreasing statutory reserves and clearly defined penalities.The New Companies Regulations have changed the regulatory landscape for companies operating in Saudi Arabia in number of key areas.

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