Arbitration - Commercial Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Arbitration – Commercial Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Al-Ghanim Law firm has an excellent repute in the emerging market of Saudi Arabia and continues to expand in the expertise of commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution, with an expertise in Arbitration, mediation and negotiation. The followed procedures are well designed to be more fruitful, robust,less costly and covers a large range of sectors.Our services include all kinds of dispute resolution in commercial and residential dealings like breach of contract, property disputes, legal advisory,breach of partnerships, shareholders’ issues, arbitration, and other client-specific issues.  Provision of integrated legal study over client’s legal position in case the client is willing to filea lawsuit or to follow-up ona case against a client and to evaluate the points of strengths and weaknesses to ensure winning the case.

“… Al-Ghanim Law firm has dealt litigation and represented us to recover a large sum of receivables from payment defaulters. We were able to receive a considerable amount which was lost and was treated as bad debts. However, AGLF made possible to recover a well deserved sumback to the company”.